A Common Cause of Tight Muscles

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10/30/20231 min read

A Common cause of tight muscles

People who are not physically active don’t know that their muscles suffer strains, micro tears and stress. Over time these can stick together and cause scar tissue. It tightens the tissues that surround them, and when unaddressed flexibility becomes limited.

Scar tissue restricts mobility and blood flow!

Strenuous activity requires more blood to be pumped into our muscles so they can receive extra oxygen that they need. When they don’t get enough oxygen, lactic acid builds up and that is what causes soreness and stiffness.

A certified stretch therapist is trained to isolate and position the individual muscles in order to break up scar tissue.

Stretching and flexibility exercises are beneficial to lengthening wounded tissues as well as their general mobility.

Stretching helps make the tissue better able to tolerate trauma to the body.