How My Clients Learned The Importance Of Assisted Stretching

1/4/20230 min read

What My Clients Learned About The Importance Of Assisted Stretching

ASSISTED STRETCHING is becoming the upcoming therapy for pain relief and decreasing tension. A stretching routine is essential to maintain our proper muscle, joint, bone and fascial tissues health. Stretch therapy is the most effective way to treat and solve muscle and skeletal imbalances that can happen throughout our lives. Pain management depends greatly on ACTIVE RECOVERY!

It’s therapy for people who suffered physical injuries, surgery, or have chronic joint pain, inflammation, and tension. It is especially beneficial if you are dealing with unresolved injuries, or lost range of motion. Stretch & mobility is one-on-one with a certified professional that uses a variety of techniques that involve dynamic, and passive stretches that promote relaxation, and myofascial release

We all know we should stretch but don’t often take the time to practice!It is a way to reach several parts of your body that would not be able to reach with unassisted stretching. With the accompaniment of a skilled professional practitioner, they will aid you to reach your target trouble areas, making sure you can reach the level of pain, muscle and joint health, and flexibility your body needs


1.EASE MUSCLE AND JOINT PAIN OVER TIME- the main goal is to efficiently improve muscle tightness, as well as joint and tissue constriction that may affect natural movement and cause aches, pains, gait, and limiting the fluid movement of the body to easily perform daily activities.

2.RECOVERY-You will slowly recover from muscle imbalances from repetitive movements that worsen muscle tightness and limit joint and muscle range of motion over time.

3.REDUCE STRESS- similar to a massage, you will feel more relaxed, relieved, your body releases oxytocin, a stress hormone that decreases tension that contributes to overall muscle tightness

4.UNABLE TO STRENGTHEN WITHOUT LENGTHENING- if you have limited range, in your hamstring for example, you will only be able to increase the strength within that range because the muscle tissues are too tight. You need to fully lengthen a muscle to properly and actively strengthen it.

5.INCREASED FLUID WITHIN THE JOINTS- inactivity causes decreased fluid which in turn decreases circulation and stiff joints. When fluid starts flowing your joints and tissues are less restricted which helps your body move more easily and perform daily activities such as sitting, working out, or sleeping. When you stop moving so does fluid and lymph.

6.DECREASED RISK FOR STRAINS, MUSCLE DAMAGE, AND JOINT PAIN- As you sit all day, you use your lower back and hamstring muscles which are engaged full time and this leads to chronic pain. These muscles become short and tight, as well as weak and unable to extend all the way. This is especially problematic when called upon for activity. If these muscles are stretched improperly we can damage the muscles because they are not strong enough to support the joints.

** It is important not to hold any position for too long. This stress makes it more difficult to obtain a good stretch opposed to an athlete who’s body’s stress comes from activity and movement!

Chronic neck and back pain are most common.

Try to perform a routine of stretching and light strengthening on a daily basis. Contact a professional to get a proper deep stretch to reduce chronic pain and issues that you may have regularly.