My Small Sacrifices Continue To Pay Off

8/17/20223 min read

My Small Sacrifices continue to pay off! Motivation for upcoming weeks.

Now that we have gotten through the Holidays for the most part, you might be thinking- or overthinking how you ate over the past few weeks.

Regardless if you made some poor decisions or stayed on track, it’s time to move forward with your health goals. It's a tough time to stay focused and lose weight. As I have expressed in the past, it’s all about having a plan in place. Similar to past Holiday seasons, I was able to stick to the goals that I set for myself, and it worked! I am not saying that I was perfect or didn’t allow myself some treats but for the most part I stuck with my plan. I exercised everyday and allowed myself a few Christmas cookies. I made a chicken crust pizza, an almond flour crust breakfast pizza, and ate lots of veggies as I planned. My goal was to maintain my weight, and making sacrifices and planning ahead helped me stick to my goal! I know that if I indulge in too many sweets, snacks, and drinks that I would feel horrible physically and emotionally. Getting on the scale makes resisting certain foods all worth it!

I have learned by making the same mistakes over and over in the past!!

Talking with my clients, there are many that “overdid” it over the past couple of weeks and in turn have gained weight, and feel some regret.

However, now is the time to move forward and don’t look back. There are many lessons to be learned each and every day. Some will succeed if they put their mind to it and others, and unfortunately others will not if they give up. Staying motivated is one of the most difficult challenges I find with my clients, especially when they’re starting out-or starting over.

This is HOW AND WHY I stay motivated (and so can you)

1. I have been following the same “program” for almost 20 years, trust me it still works! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it right?! I tried many different diets and programs before I found what really works for my clients as well as myself. These plans are motivating at first because it’s new and exciting. As it becomes tougher to stick with you may not see the same results as in the beginning- and it’s harder to stay motivated. Being the New Year, there are tons of advertisements for weight loss programs, some of them are promoting “new and improved”. There is not a need to continue trying different plans if you know what works already. I believe every person is unique in that the same exact diet may not be right for everyone, but for the most part you probably already know what works best for you. I am sure you have lost weight in the past and either kept it off with HARD WORK or regained it back. So what’s your plan moving forward?

2.I am REALLY ready to be committed even when things get stressful. Stress and emotion can really set you back! Life is full of stress and it’s most important to learn how to handle the situation. I first had to identify my major stressors, at least the ones I connected to food and eating.

3. I love the results!! Nothing creates motivation like results! We start believing in what we are doing and realize that we can do this. When I started dropping weight it was an amazing feeling. I also had so much more energy and I wasn’t sick and fatigued anymore. This really kept me going and motivated me to keep trying. There were days that I didn't want to workout or wanted to eat pizza, there were also some weeks that I didn’t lose any weight. I knew if I stopped or gave up I would be starting over.

4. I no longer expect different results from doing the same things over and over! Motivation is a feeling, it is also uncomfortable to make changes. Our brains are easy and what we did yesterday takes a ton of effort and energy to create new habits, cook more, grocery shop and be prepared, research healthy recipes, get up and exercise,etc. You will have to be willing to have a game plan and commit to it.

YOU ARE IN CONTROL of the situation. If you’re not, figure out how you can be.