Introducing Stretch~LATES!

8/17/20222 min read

Introducing Stretch~Lates!


An approach between Pilates and therapeutic stretching!

My main objective is to improve a person’s physical and psychological well-being.Who doesn't need that?

If you have ever had to remain in a stationary position for a long period of time, unable to stretch you will know that the pain in your muscles soon develops as tension increases, impairing normal functioning.

Sitting or standing in one position could also be detrimental to your muscles, bones, and posture. I advocate the use of stretching as a means of bringing about a therapeutic outcome. People also experience a sense of well being after stretching. As a Certified Personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and 15 years of physical therapy experience, I can modify stretches for each individual. Stretching is a treatment intervention such as rest, exercise, & massage.

I implement a specific method of stretching called Active Isolated Stretching. It is a proven method in which short controlled stretches with intervals of relaxation. This overrides your muscles tendency to contract when being stretched. It also offers quick relief.

How it works:

the opposite muscle benign stretched contracts. For example. In order to stretch the hamstrings, the quads must contract. Once the muscle is at its full range, a gentle stretch is held for no longer than 2 seconds, released and controlled back to starting position. This is repeated a couple of times with the intention of gaining a few degrees of range with each stretch


It's not only a pre or post exercise habit Rehab for musculoskeletal conditions Most stretches are assumed for people who are fit and healthy and flexible enough to get into sometimes challenging positions.

Relieve stiff joints and muscle tension

Improve balance

Prevent injuries

Increase range of motion

Decrease pain

Overcome cramping in the muscles Facilitate muscle healing

Help correct muscle imbalances

Help minimize scar tissue

Influence psychological factors, such as to aid relaxation and stimulate a sense of well being

Prevents the development of trigger points, which cause pulled muscles or extreme knots

Benefits of Pilates:

Improves flexibility- stretches on the reformer helps elongate your muscles and increase your range of motion. Improves posture-no matter what your daily activity, Pilates makes you more aware of your ability to pull your stomach in and pull your shoulders down for good posture and spinal alignment.

Less risk for weak or stiff joints- as Pilates strengthens your muscles, it also improves joint mobility and helps ward off arthritis.

Less risk of injury- your entire musculature is evenly balanced and conditioned , helping with daily activities and exercise with more ease.

Improves balance- as muscles, including the core, become stronger and more flexible they assist in balance activities.