Reasons you may be experiencing back pain- how I can help!

3/16/20231 min read

Reasons you may be experiencing back pain- how I can help!

It is important to know how your body moves and why you NEED to pay attention to your posture!

Realizing what may be affecting back pain and discomfort is key! Over half of the population experiences some sort of back issues in their life, most can be chronic, the good news is a lot of these issues can be rectified by knowing why and what is causing the pain. Most importantly how to help it,


  1. IMPROVING YOUR POSTURE: sitting or standing for long periods of time with poor posture or a curved spine reduces upper back muscle strength. This puts strain on your spine, resulting in stiffness and aches.

  2. LACK OF MOBILITY OR RANGE OF MOTION: Consistent stretching is pertinent to maintaining good back health. Without range of motion our muscles stiffen and tighten up quickly. All the muscles in your body connect and when one group isn’t working properly, the connecting muscles overcompensate, like the quadriceps, hips, hamstrings, and shoulders.

  3. DEHYDRATION: Lack of  water could cause tightness in your back! Spinal discs are filled with jelly-like substances made of almost 75% water. Their job is to act as shock absorbers for your everyday movements and protect your spine. If you’re dehydrated, your discs lose water and can’t take on the full shock of movement, which leads to stress on our spine. 

  4. SPRAINS: sprains occur when your ligaments become overstretched or torn. This normally happens from failure to warm up or improper lifting. 

  5. SEDENTARY LIFESTYLES: Being sedentary or just not moving as much shortens our hip flexors, while also putting strain on our back. Your legs and gluts weaken which are the muscles that hold you up!

  6. PREVENTION:  prevention is always better than the cure! Just moving a little bit each day or simple stretches will make a big difference. 

**Increase flexibility in your back, hips, hamstrings, and quadriceps. 

**Practice good posture on a daily basis

**Build core strength to protect your back.

As a practitioner I can help improve your flexibility with assisted stretching as well as  set up a proper exercise program to strengthen the correct muscles.