Why You're Not Getting Old, You Just Need To Stretch

1/18/20230 min read

Why You're Not Getting Old, You Just Need To Stretch!


** Flexibility refers to your body’s ability to move through its full range of motion without pain or difficulty.**Poor flexibility is MOST OFTEN caused by lack of physical activity, along with sedentary lifestyles. Many individuals tend to be less active as they age. Some of this is due to increased pain, inflammation, arthritis, and stiff joints, which leads to decreased movement as well as motivation to exercise over time.

By the age of 70, 30 % of our overall flexibility is lost.

The main reasons for loss are:

1. Changes in connective tissue and collagen

2. Deterioration in cartilage, ligaments, and tendons,

3. Reduction in synovial fluid within the joints.

4. Lack of movement, it will affect your flexibility as your tendons stiffen and your muscles degenerate from lack of use. Some of these are inevitable, however with the proper stretching and strengthening techniques, you can improve your range of motion and experience some pain relief.

You might start noticing that you have more difficulty simply tying your shoes, reaching into high cupboards, lifting objects, getting on and off the floor, and other daily activities can cause pain and stiffness.

** Our sitting posture plays a major role on our spine, muscles, and joints. When muscles are tight, the tension can pull your spine into uncomfortable patterns. When you stretch and strengthen your core, your posture improves, and it keeps your back and neck healthy and pain free

.Stretch Therapy or Assisted Stretching is a healing technique that allows a trained professional to identify each body’s limitations and work on strengthening problem areas to ensure movement on a daily basis. It can be done without causing further damage or pain.